The Fire Garden - Dream
July 18-19, 2003
Herbst Pavilion - Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, California

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“DREAM” is daring and electrifying performance that reaches beyond the imagination and calls the “id” out to dance in the very real, and absolutely magical, world of The Fire Garden.

The Fire Garden is celebrating its third year as the Bay Area’s only performance collective incorporating more than 10 active fire sculptures, a monumental tesla coil, live performance, mobile and sensory fiber optic installations, solar illuminated sculptures and the innovative fire and belly-dance ensemble, Ultra Gypsy. In a word, "magic" best describes the experience of this phenomenal performance group. Over 6,000 people have attended past events and The Fire Garden is gearing up for yet another amazing summer presentation. Don’t miss this show! This very well could be your last chance to see this highly acclaimed performance ensemble in the Bay Area!

The Garden

Therm - Awakening Garden

Ultra Gypsy - Robotics

Mystresses of Fyre


Therm - Dream Sequence

Ultra Gypsy - The Underworld
Featured collective members include:
Therm { Fire & lightning performance
Kelek { Monumental Tesla Coil
Light Fantastic { Mobile and sensory fiber optic installations
{ Solar illuminated botanical sculptures
The Reverend Screaming Fingers
{ Sonic mayhem
Ultra Gypsy
{ Innovative fire & belly dance theater
Roger Carr
{ Dances with light : sculptural wall of light
Cool Neon
{ Electroluminescent fashion designs by Zoe blue
And Guest Artists:
LOOP ! STATION { Pyrotechnic cello & vocals, New CD!
Jeff Hobbs { High stepping performance art
The Cinepimps {Cinematic dreamscapes
Michael Christian { Babel: a singing kinetic tree
Laurie Amat { Aural seduction
Mystresses of Fyre{ Belva Stone & Amy Carr
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